We will always continue to be the pioneer

As we enter the 2nd century of our republic, we aim to increase and develop our social responsibility projects on behalf of our region and country.

As Portsan Marble, which is proud of being a brand in the marble industry, we increase our development momentum with each passing day within the scope of the responsibilities of being a brand.

In the light of our honest, hardworking, fast and principled working principle that keeps the mission we have undertaken alive, we have put our signature under successful works by keeping our faith, together with our goals, since the day we were founded. Since 1988, all of our products produced within our organization have taken part in hundreds of projects in Turkey and around the world.

As Portsan Marble, who knows very well the responsibility of our R&D studies and our projects on an international basis, without compromising on innovation and international competition in a globalizing World, we prove that no success is a coincidence. Because we know that the common feature of success is; research, development, quality and more work.

When keeping up with the new technology and the route drawn by our entrepreneurial spirit, our expert management team and the leadership of our experienced employees come together, customer satisfaction and quality service emerge. This is how we, as Portsan marble, explain the secret of our success. Because we know that we distinguish ourselves from other sector companies with our system, which we think is the best way to express the purpose and corporate identity of our company.

First of all, as Portsan Marble, our goal is to provide a better quality of life for our employees and to fulfill the duty of the development of our country. In particular, the main targets and target audiences of our social responsibility projects have always been in this direction.

We have succeeded in leaving many companies with the importance and meticulousness we give to the environment. Thanks to this meticulousness, we aim for a cleaner, greener and more livable world. In our Mercan Marble factory investment in Bucak, we preferred renewable energy sources and installed a solar panel system that produces 500 kW of electricity in an area of 2,600 m2. With this system, we are able to meet 47% of our electricity consumption. In addition, we aim to implement the same system in our other factories.

In addition, in the last 2 years, in order to absorb carbon emissions in the quarries, a total of 327 thousand 950 saplings, including 296 thousand 500 red pine, 8 thousand nut pine, 9 thousand 900 cedar, 7 thousand 500 juniper and 6 thousand 50 blue cypress, have been planted. We have carried out nearly 500 thousand afforestation works with the seeds sown.

As a company, we find it very comforting to have a tree planted approximately 15 times the amount required to absorb the carbon emission we have created, but it is among our goals to raise this number even higher.

As Portsan Marble, in addition to further developing our investments in 2015, we aim to increase and develop our social responsibility projects on behalf of our teammates, our region and our country.

We wish you all the best of success;

Portsan Marble A.S.

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